Entrance qualification

・A person who has completed the 12 years of normal school education outside of Japan.
・A person who is able to pay all the expenses while attending the school.
・A person who has the basic Japanese and more than N5 grade in the Japanese language proficiency test.

School expenses

A course An entrance fee The tuition
(including materials costs)
Facilities fee Field trip fee The annual sum total
A two year course
for an entrance to a school of higher grade
The first year 60,000 580,000 32,000 16,000 \688,000
The second year - 580,000 32,000 16,000 \628,000
A year and nine months course
for an entrance to a school of higher grade
For one year nine months 60,000 1,015,000 56,000 28,000 \1,159,000
A year and six months course
for an entrance to a school of higher grade
For one and a half years 60,000 870,000 48,000 24,000 \1,002,000
*In addition, 20,000 yen is necessary for the health insurance per year for each course.
In addition, if you apply the student visa application, the selection charge of 25,000 yen is required at the time of your request.

An entrance procedure schedule




Application document

<Documents required for applicant>
・Application form to be hand-written by applicant (Printed form provided by this School)
・Personal records to be hand-written by applicant (Printed form provided by this School)
・Original Diploma of final education or certificate of graduation.
・Certificate of school records of final education
・Certificate of Japanese proficiency (JLPT level4 or at least 150hours study)
・Certificate of employment
・6 sheets of photos (4cm x 3cm Taken within last 3 months)
・Photocopy of passport

<For Financial Sponsor>
・Letter of Expenses Payment to be hand-written by sponsor (Printed form provided by this School)
・Current bank balance certificate
・Certificate of employment
・Certificate of tax payment
・Material proving a relationship with an applicant (residence card and so on)
・Letter of Guarantee (Printed form provided by this School)
#Applicant also can be a financial sponsor

*For applicants from China, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Mongolia, Nepal, Sri-Lanka and Vietnam, certificate of income, photocopy of bank book and statement of savings of financial sponsor are necessary other than the above documents.
Required documents vary according to applicant, Please contact us for more details.
*Above documents must have been issued within 3 months

From application to entrance into school

Send Application form ,Personal records and other documents to Yokohama International Japanese Language School(YIJLS). Remittance the selection charge at the same time.
Application is evaluated for approval by YIJLS.

Once approved, you are sent "Certificate of Admission". Documentation is submitted to the Japanese Immigration Office by YIJLS.
The Japanese Immigration Office provides "Certificate of Eligibility" to YIJLS.

YIJLS informs you the result of evaluation by the Japanese Immigration Office.

Remittance of school expenses (entrance fee, tuition fee, facilities fee and field trip fee)
After making sure of payment from you, YIJLS send you your "Certificate of Eligibility".
Go to Japanese embassy or consulate in your country and submit your "Certificate of Eligibility" and "Certificate of Admission" to apply for your student visa.
Visa is issued by Japanese embassy or consulate.

Go to Japan and then entrance procedure

*Original diploma of final education is returned.
*You can enter at any point if you have a licence to stay in Japan (e.g.. family visa, working visa or other legal visa. Please ask us for further information.

Bank account information for remittance

Name of bank  : RESONA BANK
Account No.  : 1748557
Swift Code  : DIWAJPJT
Bank address  : 1-11-7 Kitasaiwai Nishi-ku Yokohama Kanagawa,
220-0004 JAPAN
Bank tel.  : +81-45-323-6511