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Yokohama guidance

Japanese language education

Through the Japanese language education, we believe, our duty is for our students to participate in the Japanese society. Our goal is for you to have an opportunity to acquire further specialized field.
We are not aiming to build up a big school. Many choices of dreams are possible even by small numbers, and I hope the school will help all the students who work hard to achieve their future goal.


The classes are divided into different levels to meet your ability. In addition, class teachers and professional staffs carry out interviews to all students regularly to talk about any problems, both in education and in lifestyle.


In order to pass the exams and enter the school that you chose, we carry out oral examination depending on the course to prepare you and also, other various examinations and practices which will lead you to pass the exams.


Our school is located at the center of Yokohama, 12 minutes walk from the JR Yokohama station. This location is very convenient since it is only 20 minutes away from Tokyo downtown area by train. Also, Yamashita park / the Chinatown, and the "Minato Mirai 21", a district where numerous skyscrapers have various institutions and facilities in them are nearby, so that a public library and other cultural and educational institutions are available for use.


There is also a scholarship system. Please consult.